All Moved In

Sep 26, 2018 | Events, In and Around Green Cloud, Meet the team

Green Cloud’s story began on Brown Street, a quaint office full of eager entrepreneurs and tech experts. Back in 2011, our team was small and tight-knit. Today, in 2018, our team is still tight-knit, but our company has expanded exponentially.

We stayed put at Brown Street for a year and a half. Eventually, we outgrew the space and moved to NEXT. The NEXT building, a co-working space bursting with start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, was a good home for Green Cloud for more than five years. After our company had accumulated 570 partners and over 70 employees, it became clear we had outgrown NEXT. The time came for Green Cloud to move — yet again — only this time, we were ready for an office of our own.

In January 2018, Green Cloud took the plunge; we decided to move into Haywood Ridge, a brand new building located on Airport Road. In fact, Haywood Ridge was so brand new that our office wasn’t quite ready when we were. Construction began in January, but our space would take months to complete. Green Cloud was in a bit of a bind.

Fortunately, in the summer of 2018, we found ourselves in a temporary home for a little over a month at Immedion. Albeit cramped at times, our team learned the value of working closely with one another. We grew professionally; the space at Immedion allowed us to easily bounce ideas back and forth between one another and gain a greater appreciation for one another’s various roles at Green Cloud.

Then, finally, Green Cloud packed up and headed to our permanent work home. September 25th — the day of our official Ribbon Cutting ceremony — began the start of a new chapter for Green Cloud. The best part about this new office? We have room to grow and further expand our company.

We could not be more excited about what the future has in store for Green Cloud Technologies. Take a look at our new office below.


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