DaaS Troubleshooting

DaaS Glossary of Terms

Pattern The pattern is the template from which the desktop pool(s) are deployed.   Persona Management (Profiles) Persona Management is...
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Cannot Bind DaaS Tenant to Domain

Issue Description DaaS Tenant Domain Bind through Enterprise Center fails.   Solution This issue can happen for a number of...
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DaaS Blank Screen

Problem Description RDP shows a blank screen then disconnects. Event ID 9009 is logged in the DaaS Windows Event log....
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DaaS Multiple Monitor Display Issues

Issue Description PCOIP doesn’t properly span multiple monitors when using differing displays (e.g. a laptop and external monitor). This appears...
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DaaS Profile Settings Not Roaming

Issue Description When using Persona Management with dynamic desktops, users profile settings are not roaming properly.   Solution/Workaround Confirm the...
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Two-Factor Authentication on DaaS

By default, DaaS uses Active Directory authentication. Horizon DaaS does not have a standard feature for 2FA. It does have...
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