Career Opportunities at Green Cloud Are Limitless

We have a team culture at Green Cloud that really grew out of necessity as an emerging company. From the beginning, everyone at Green Cloud has had to wear multiple hats to deal with the many ups and downs of a (relatively) new business, especially one that has experienced the kind of rapid growth that we have over the last few years.

Those early trials and tribulations made us aware of the importance of team flexibility and the value of letting those with initiative develop a career for themselves within the company. These were critical lessons that we carry with us today, and our commitment to that philosophy is how we sustain our growth and why our team members rank us so high in a survey of SC’s Top Places to Work.

The career opportunities at Green Cloud are exemplified by the many team members who started out in entry-level positions and rapidly carved out a career path by setting goals, working hard, and learning the business. Here are some of their stories…

Michael Bradberry came to us in October 2015 as a Sales Development Rep on the Partner Recruitment team, calling on MSPs and VARs. Green Cloud was experiencing a burst of growth and he was able to move up quickly within the team. Soon, our rapid growth created a need for a position to assist the channel managers, who were working hard to keep up with the increased business. Michael saw an opportunity to help develop the position, and he pivoted to a new role in technical and sales support for channel manager Mac McClenathan, who was building a network in Houston.

Michael began working alongside partners, helping them with quotes, research and technical questions. Knowing that Green Cloud values high levels of direct contact with our partners, Michael decided to make the physical move to Houston, where he could take a stronger hand in helping our partners and increase the amount of face-to-face collaboration. His flexibility and willingness to adapt to evolving needs has allowed him to carve out a role for himself, on his terms.

Green Cloud gave me the liberty and autonomy—and the time—to expand my career,” says Michael of the experience. “It all goes back to the founders’ philosophy of getting our folks into strategic markets to build the business. When I showed interest in that, they helped me move into the position.”

It was during this same growth period that Paul Lee started his move up the ladder. Like Michael, he began as a Sales Development Rep, communicating with Green Cloud partners about their cloud practices and needs, and making sure our relationship with them stayed on solid ground. When Green Cloud purchased Atlanta-based Cirrity in late 2016, it soon became apparent that we needed someone on the ground to meet the increased demand. Paul stepped up to the plate and expressed interest in taking on the role, so we promoted him to Account Manager and he moved to Atlanta to be a local presence and better serve our partners in the area.

As Paul tells it: “When I first started, I was amazed at how the senior-level managers interacted with the team, how they spoke to them. They were always helpful and provided lots of guidance and support. It became clear to me almost immediately that Green Cloud took care of their own… that if I worked as hard as I could and helped others around me, then there was nowhere to go but up.”

Green Cloud’s growth sometimes involves acquiring smaller cloud providers and integrating their businesses into ours. Often, this means bringing the employees of the previous company into Green Cloud’s team. When Green Cloud purchased Akron, Ohio-based ANS, one of their employees, Vicki Zelesnik, decided to move to our Greenville, SC headquarters to be a Cloud Support Specialist, helping our partners provide servers, DaaS Desktops and other services to their customers. But she ultimately came to Green Cloud pursuing goals in management.

I knew that Green Cloud likes to move team members up from within rather than hire outside people for management positions,” Vicki relates, “So, I decided that my career path would be to learn Green Cloud’s offerings and move up to management that way instead of sticking with the track I was on.”

These are just a couple of examples of Green Cloud’s dedication to employee growth and advancement. More than anything, it’s up to our team members to build the career they want. We respond to those who see a need within the company and have the desire to fulfill it. In the end, our primary concern lies in helping our partners; if a team member sees an opportunity to do that, then we are all about letting them.

To capitalize even further on our career empowerment, Green Cloud also fully vests each team member in the company. Knowing that each and every one of us has a stake in what happens gives us a lot of pride when we succeed, and it generates a huge amount of commitment to our partners and their needs. We work for a unique company with a different philosophy about what it takes to be a leader in this industry.

If you’re looking for a hands-on, customer-centric career path that is limited only by your desire to grow and expand your skills, then we’re looking for you. Contact us today to learn more about joining the Green Cloud team.