Green Cloud’s company culture stands out from the rest. No stuffy offices, no staring-over-your-shoulder supervisors, no inflexible hours. Our workplace is filled with laughs, lunches, beers and trivia; our company balances work life and play time like no other.

We get the job done, but we don’t overdo it. During work hours, we’re comfortable enough with each other to speak freely, allowing innovative ideas to flourish organically. But when the day ends, it’s cocktail hour with the co-workers. We offer criticism, but constructively; we laugh at jokes, but never at each other.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what some of our Green Cloud team members have to say.

“I would describe the culture as collaborative and eager to help others.” – Employee, 2 years 

“At its very core, Green Cloud’s culture emphasizes the importance of each individual’s role in the company’s success. I love the collaborative environment. Employees freely discuss questions, suggestions and solutions throughout the daily workflow. Instead of “You vs Me,” the focus is on “Us,” a team overcoming obstacles together. If you must spend 40 hours a week with people, spend it with those you enjoy being around. I truly enjoy my coworkers and feel challenged to become an ever-improving version of myself by being around them. I can’t think of a better place to work than Green Cloud.” – Employee, 4 years

“Green Cloud is a fun, laid back environment that fosters collaboration, hard work and team work. Every employee is given the opportunity to succeed and grow personally, which helps Green Cloud grow. It’s truly a great place to work.” – Employee, 1 year

“Our office environment is like a family that is full of life and energy that strives for excellence for our partners.” -Employee, 6 years

“Best work atmosphere I have ever worked in. It’s an environment that empowers employees to think and make decisions on their own for the betterment of the business and our partners.” – Employee, 1 year

“Great company culture isn’t something you can create, but something that happens when the great people at your company are given the space to be creative.” – Employee, 3 years

Our company is one like no other. Our culture fosters innovation and our solutions work. Our technology is great, and it gets better every day. That’s why we keep coming back; that’s why we put in the work day in, day out.

At Green Cloud, we treat ourselves to drinks and dinners with one another. We help one another when a grueling task requires an extra set of hands. We offer support to and inspire confidence in one another. We laugh together, work together, succeed together.

Our office is more than a cement building full of computers, desks and wires. It’s full of people who care about each other and the work they do.

Still don’t believe me? Ask us. Join our team.

Green Cloud’s story began on Brown Street, a quaint office full of eager entrepreneurs and tech experts. Back in 2011, our team was small and tight-knit. Today, in 2018, our team is still tight-knit, but our company has expanded exponentially.

We stayed put at Brown Street for a year and a half. Eventually, we outgrew the space and moved to NEXT. The NEXT building, a co-working space bursting with start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, was a good home for Green Cloud for more than five years. After our company had accumulated 570 partners and over 70 employees, it became clear we had outgrown NEXT. The time came for Green Cloud to move — yet again — only this time, we were ready for an office of our own.

In January 2018, Green Cloud took the plunge; we decided to move into Haywood Ridge, a brand new building located on Airport Road. In fact, Haywood Ridge was so brand new that our office wasn’t quite ready when we were. Construction began in January, but our space would take months to complete. Green Cloud was in a bit of a bind.

Fortunately, in the summer of 2018, we found ourselves in a temporary home for a little over a month at Immedion. Albeit cramped at times, our team learned the value of working closely with one another. We grew professionally; the space at Immedion allowed us to easily bounce ideas back and forth between one another and gain a greater appreciation for one another’s various roles at Green Cloud.

Then, finally, Green Cloud packed up and headed to our permanent work home. September 25th — the day of our official Ribbon Cutting ceremony — began the start of a new chapter for Green Cloud. The best part about this new office? We have room to grow and further expand our company.

We could not be more excited about what the future has in store for Green Cloud Technologies. Take a look at our new office below.

Green Cloud Technologies would like to announce the promotion of Jonathan Philipsen to Senior Vice President of Sales. As Senior VP of Sales, Philipsen will be responsible for managing Green Cloud’s channel partner program, which is made up of over 575 managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) who transition their customers to Green Cloud’s turn-key, cloud-based infrastructure solutions.

Philipsen was previously Green Cloud’s VP of Sales for five years and with this promotion to Senior VP of Sales, he will now oversee the entire channel partner experience including recruitment, onboarding, training and management of the outside and inside sales teams. Green Cloud is one of the largest independent channel-only cloud IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) providers in the country with world-class data center facilities offering channel partners virtual servers, backup and disaster recovery solutions built on industry-leading platforms such as Cisco and VMware.

“Green Cloud offers our partners an uncommon level of support through a culture of innovation, teamwork and collaboration, and Jonathan has directly contributed to our fast-paced growth and success,” said Charles L. Houser, co-founder and Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Green Cloud. “Jonathan is a tremendous leader and deeply respected by his team.”

Philipsen is a graduate of Appalachian State University. Prior to joining Green Cloud, he was the Director of Business Development for EDTS, Inc. and the District Sales Director for Windstream Communications.

One of Green Cloud’s core business principles is our dedication to helping our partners succeed. That means we do whatever it takes to ensure we address their business needs and are responsive when they require assistance with something… No matter what it is. Our Channel Management team is a great example of Green Cloud’s partner commitment and exemplifies our strategic approach to building relationships in the field.

The chief objective of a Channel Management team is to help Green Cloud partners incorporate a new sales and delivery practice into their existing business. For many partners, the cloud remains unfamiliar territory and they often have many questions: How am I compensated? What internal operational changes do I need to make? How are the products supported? How will my employees get training?

From pre-sales engineering to service delivery and support, the Channel Management team goes into the field to interact directly with our partners. They’ll answer any and all of their questions and remain on-site to address any partner needs as they ramp up their cloud practice. We help identify where a Green Cloud solution-set fits into the partner’s core competencies. From there, we assist them in driving more value for their customers by combining their solutions with Green Cloud’s hosted products. The resulting product is often a totally unique, multi-vendor hybrid.

Early on, we recognized that face-to-face interaction with our partners is critically important to their success in the cloud. We’ve therefore made it a strategic goal to create and place Channel Management teams in the field where they can do some real good in helping our partners. The Channel Manager at the heart of each team is centrally located to serve an entire region of the country. Our Partner Success team then supports the Channel Manager with more targeted assistance to handle simple partner issues, while the Channel Manager travels to wherever they are needed most, typically handling large-scale matters like quarterly business review and cloud adoption procedures.

Channel Manager Mac McClenathan is based in Nashville but travels several days during the week to visit partners. There, he discusses the realities of their business: what’s working and what’s not, and where Green Cloud can help resolve any issues or obstacles they face.

For a lot of our partners, the cloud is a totally new business model, and they need help figuring out how to incorporate that into their practice,” says Mac. “We can provide lots of assistance to them in adopting the cloud, and we also use our experiences to help them avoid the typical landmines that can sink a new venture. It’s hard to do that from behind a computer screen or over the telephone. Simply put: face-to-face matters.”

The Channel Managers provide day-to-day partner support, such as in-office sales training, sales engineering, project quoting, resolving technical issues, and even meeting with customers on a partner’s behalf and conducting data center tours. Additionally, they are a vital piece of our channel development strategy by networking and attending events to recruit partners and making themselves available to meet partners prospects who want to first vet Green Cloud as a potential provider.

The impact of Green Cloud’s Channel Management teams can be measured in the success rates of our partners who engage with them. Their success speaks to the greater level of service we provide our partners, versus using one of the enterprise providers like AWS where the partner is merely “a tiny fish in a gigantic pond.” Rather than simply sticking a partner’s ticket into a work queue, Green Cloud is willing to stand by their side to assist with any issues or opportunities that arise. All of this effort is designed to give our partners peace of mind and deliver a personal level of service “touch” that enterprise providers don’t.

L to R: Jonathan Philipsen, Phil Nelson, Mac McClenathan, Paul Lee, Stephen Rieck, Colin Young, Daniel Cooley

We recently highlighted how Green Cloud was named one of SC’s Top Places to Work for the second year in a row, and — in an upcoming post — we described unconventional career paths some of our team members have taken. In putting together that career path post, we sat down with several Green Cloud staffers and got their perspectives on working here and building the careers they want for themselves.  

One team member we talked to has a story that truly exemplifies Green Cloud’s philosophy regarding what it means to work here. His story shows how anyone with the right attitude and work ethic can create a role for themselves within our company that transcends a mere job description.   

Jason Powell is a self-described “geek” who grew up with computers in his house, inspiring him to learn how to work on his own gear from an early age. After attending Virginia Commonwealth University, he worked for various ISPs in the Washington, DC area. This initial work experience energized his love of technology and instilled in him a service provider’s mindset, both critical elements that primed him for success at Green Cloud. 

After ten years of networking duties, Jason decided he wanted to learn more systems administration and platform skills. His desire to change things up and learn a new skillset led him to Green Cloud in 2013. He saw that Green Cloud was focused on cloud technologies and virtualization and was struck with a thought: throughout the world, virtualization is ever-expanding, so why not apply his service provider skills to learning the ins and outs of cloud infrastructure works? 

Jason started on the ground floor at Green Cloud and was willing to do so because of our company’s promise to prospective team members. At Green Cloud, anyone can quickly earn a promotion through hard work, a client-focused attitude, and the ability to bring new ideas to the table. Jason initially joined our Partner Support department as a Cloud Specialist, but quickly made himself a valuable part of the team and was promoted to Network Operations within six months.  

There, he gained in-depth admin experience with our entire technology stack as part of the engineering and monitoring team, keeping diligent watch over our infrastructure. In this role, Jason performed systems maintenance, deployed new infrastructure, and acted as the escalation point for support issues. It was this last responsibility, handling critical partner support, that created an opening for Jason to expand his duties and accelerate his career growth.  

At the time, Green Cloud’s Customer Operations department handled both provisioning of new orders and support of existing customers. This wide array of responsibilities led to some prioritization issues when it came to lengthy, complex provisioning projects, which required someone on the NOC team to assist in delivery. When the volume of those complex orders got to a certain point, our team at Green Cloud realized we needed to create a specific group to handle them so the NOC could continue to focus on their core responsibilities.  

Once the group was created, we needed a manager; Jason was an obvious choice, given his experience handling partner escalations and ability to handle high-stress, high impact situations. Faced with the choice to either continue developing his engineering skills as part of the NOC team or lead a brand-new Advanced Services Provisioning team, Jason opted to take the ASP path. His decision to increase his level of responsibility within the company, to learn new skills, and to help Green Cloud develop new capabilities put him on a completely different career track from the one he started, but one which he molded to fit his interests and ambitions. 

As manager of the ASP team, Jason led a small team of dedicated complex provisioning engineers who handled all difficult or lengthy onboarding projects at Green Cloud. In early 2017, we decided to create dedicated Partner Support and Service Delivery teams, and Jason began managing the Service Delivery team (which also had complex provisioning duties). Later that year, after proving himself time and again to be a strong and capable leader of a critical piece of Green Cloud’s partner-facing operations, Jason was promoted to Director of Partner Services over both Service Delivery and Partner Support teams. 

For Jason, there was not a “defining moment” in his career arc; he simply followed the path that led to the most interesting problems to work on. He recognized that Green Cloud rewards not just hard work, but good work, with the opportunity to advance.  For him, the path from entry-level staffer to upper management was paved with diligence and partner dedication.

As long as I’ve been at Green Cloud, it’s been very clear that anyone who was willing to work hard and take a leadership role would be rewarded with opportunity,” says Jason. “To a degree I’ve never seen at any other company, we genuinely do everything we can to promote from within and give our best teammates the ability to grow in all facets of their profession. From the top down, everyone’s door is open, and good ideas are always encouraged and rewarded. It was easy for me to chart a path at Green Cloud because my managers and other teammates were lighting the way for me; all I had to do was work hard. It has resulted in lots of interesting challenges over the years, which is what I value most highly in a position.” 

Jason Powell, Director of Partner Services

If you’re looking for a hands-on, customer-centric career path that is limited only by your desire to grow and expand your skills, then we’re looking for you. Contact us today to learn more about joining the Green Cloud team.