Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Powered by VMware

Evolve your IT architecture easily with cloud infrastructure for virtual data centers with Green Cloud, an IaaS provider. Our IaaS solutions are powered by VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerating digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

CUSTOMIZABLE: It’s your cloud, any way you want it. Green Cloud Technologies, an IaaS provider, offers custom cloud infrastructure solutions that deliver the flexibility, reliability and certified support that fit the distinct needs of your business and your customers’ goals. Our high-performance virtual server infrastructure solutions are scalable for any business – from SMBs to full enterprise systems.

COMPLIANT: Many businesses turn to the cloud as a solution to satisfy many industry-specific compliance standards. And for good measure. Our IaaS solutions and services meet or exceed HIPAA, PCI, ISO requirements and our SOC 3 Attestation is available.

SECURE: Green Cloud maintains a backbone of redundant, world-class datacenter infrastructure facilities positioned around the country that are secured with multi-level physical and biometric access, video monitoring and round-the-clock NOC supervision.




This multi-tenant solution features shared storage, CPU, memory and network resources. With native hosting, this secure public platform offers a powerful blend of dependability, scalability and ease-of-use in a VMware computing environment—ideal for deploying classic and cloud-based applications or hosting business websites and workflows. Native and high-availability hosting is available with private or public, SATA-like, SAS-like or SSD-like storage options and includes Microsoft OS and VMware licensing.


This single-tenant solution is comprised of dedicated storage, CPU and memory, along with private network bandwidth and connectivity. Full control of this environment enables resources to be reallocated on-demand while maintaining high performance and availability. The architecture is powered by VMware vSphere. Native and high-availability hosting is available with private or public, SAS-like or SSD-like storage options and includes Microsoft OS and VMware licensing.


Hybrid cloud solutions enable you to mix and match shared and dedicated virtual server resources to keep each aspect of your business in the most efficient environment possible. Powered by VMware, applications and workloads can be moved between clouds, which accelerates deployment times without having to fully reconfigure network settings.


  • Premium: Higher I/O available for highly transactional servers. Lowlatency and high throughput performance provided by all Flash Storage. Encrypted at rest. Ideal for: SQL servers and Remote Desktop servers ​
  • Standard: Equivalent I/O to a typical small business-sized server. Latency and throughput are both on par with average SAS-based storage media. Encrypted at rest. Ideal for: Web servers and Active Directory servers
  • Archival: Low I/O server with storage built for infrequently accessed data. No guaranteed I/O. High latency and low throughput for SATA-like performance. Ideal for: Infrequently accessed data


Green Cloud is proud to be a VMware Cloud Verified partner. VMware Cloud Verified is a mark of distinction. The world class platform that modernized customer datacenters is now a validated service offered through select VMware Cloud Provider partners. Our business is the cloud. It’s all we do. We’re more than just a cloud company, we’re your cloud department.

If you think Green Cloud would be a good fit for your MSP or IT Solution Provider practice, click here to find out more about our partnership options. Not an IT Solution Provider? No worries, we can find you the perfect fit within our nationwide Green Cloud Partner Program.