Connecting Your Core to the Cloud

The cloud is no longer on its way—it’s here. It’s not an embryonic trend anymore, or a radical new approach, or an exotic option. Now, cloud concepts are familiar to everyone, cloud infrastructure is mature technology, and cloud solutions are rapidly becoming an essential component of IT everywhere.

Despite the cloud’s emergence as a powerful force in the technology industry, many traditional providers still struggle to incorporate cloud solutions into their businesses. When Green Cloud associates speak to potential partners about the cloud, we often hear some familiar objections:

Why should I sell the cloud when my hardware business does well enough on its own?

I’d like to add cloud services, but I don’t have the budget or personnel to build and maintain a data center.”

I want to offer more cloud services, but I don’t want to completely retool my company.”

The truth is: You don’t have to jump into “the deep end” to embrace a cloud model. The emergence of cloud infrastructure providers, and the adaptability and scalability of cloud technologies, means you don’t have to abandon or rebuild your traditional business, or make a massive investment to be profitable selling cloud solutions.

If you want to sell the cloud—or more of it—the most effective and affordable strategy is to find a partner who has already made the necessary investments in the cloud infrastructure (so that you don’t have to), and then connect your core business to complementary cloud solutions and services.

For example, if you’re selling on-premise backup hardware, you can offer your clients additional protection with offsite cloud backup as a bundled solution. This level of data redundancy is essential for any good disaster recovery plan, and many organizations are realizing that such a solution is all that stands between them and a catastrophic loss of business continuity.

It makes for an easy sell that makes sense to the client, and carries with it the opportunity to add various hosted services like monitoring, setup and retention, file-level recovery support, and other disaster recovery solutions. With a trusted cloud infrastructure partner in place, you can affordably expand your traditional hardware sales and not only generate more profit, but also build recurring revenue. Over the long term, the profitability of the managed services can dwarf the stand-alone equipment sale. Best of all, this strategy can be repeated across virtually any solutions category your business sells.

Bottom line: when it comes to hardware vs. the cloud, you don’t have to be an either/or seller…you can sell both. You already know your business, your budget, and your competencies. To make a successful pivot to the cloud, you simply need to find the right cloud solutions that fit with what you’re already selling and the right partner to provide a reliable, secure cloud infrastructure—a partner like Green Cloud.

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Mac McClenathan is the VP of Sales at Green Cloud Technologies.