Continuous Risk Scanning


Vulnerability management, as part of an organization’s security strategy, is critical to identifying, remediating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and networks. Continuous Risk Scanning from Green Cloud Defense provides deep, contextual risk analysis to prioritize vulnerabilities and minimize an organization’s “attack surface”.


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The contextual risk scoring engine employs machine learning to correlate over 30 vulnerability metrics to accurately score the most relevant risks that are specific to your customer’s organization.

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Once all assets have been identified, our technology ensures you have deep and accurate visibility into the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risk to your customers. Customer Vulnerability Reports deliver the power of snapshot or historical Vulnerability Assessments as well as risk metrics for business executives. Contextual Risk Scoring Reports focus on the most critical vulnerabilities taking into consideration their potential to be exploited. All reports can be filtered and exported. 
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After the initial vulnerability analysis and reporting, this solution provides continuous risk scanning jobs that will run automatically according to a predefined schedule. If a change is detected in the environment, Customer Vulnerability Reports (CVRs) will be automatically updated so that the vulnerability management information provided is always up-to-date and available.

Reduce your customer’s cyber risk exposure by identifying and categorizing server, network, endpoint and application vulnerabilities which could likely be entry points for attackers. Continuous Risk Scanning from Green Cloud Defense helps you successfully track, patch and remediate critical vulnerabilities.

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