DaaS Cloud Helping Businesses with Remote Work

Mar 24, 2020 | DaaS, News

COVID-19 has had some kind of effect on all of our partners and their end users over the last few weeks, but not all of it has been negative. One of our top partners, ImageQuest, has some very happy customers thanks to their Green Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) remote working solution.

“Our employees have been able to transition to working from home seamlessly during the social distancing situation,” said Tom Richardson, the Director of Information Technology for Houchens Insurance Group. “This situation would have been a nightmare if we hadn’t migrated to the virtual desktops.”

With DaaS, data and applications are accessed through a virtual environment, allowing businesses and providers to support, patch and maintain a single environment rather than numerous individual desktops. With one central environment, your data is more secure and users are allowed the flexibility to choose between working on desktop or mobile devices, from anywhere.

In the midst of the chaos of COVID-19, it is nice to know that our solutions are helping businesses continue their operations. To read more about what ImageQuest’s end users had to say and what DaaS remote working solutions can do for your customers, click here.


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