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Apr 29, 2021 | Disaster Recovery, Solutions

DRaaS Powered by VMware


We started Green Cloud Defense almost exactly 10 years ago and, from day one, we have been running our shared (public) cloud infrastructure on VMware’s hypervisor.  Our 800 partners across North America utilize VMware’s vCloud Director to deploy, automation and manage virtual infrastructure resources in these multi-tenant cloud environments. A couple of years ago, Green Cloud was designated as a VMware Cloud Verified provider meaning the services we offer are based on the most complete VMware cloud infrastructure technologies available.

Today, 10 years later, with six data centers located across the county and with thousands of virtual machines (VMs) in production, we are launching a fully functional disaster recovery product built within the VMware vCloud Director footprint.

What does this mean for our partner community?  They now have the ability to recover protected workloads – both on-premise and in the cloud – into a second Green Cloud data center through a self service portal within the vCloud Director interface. For those not comfortable managing this on your own, feel free to call us. Our dedication to service and support to our network of partners remains the same.

Like all disaster recovery solutions sold by Green Cloud, we will still assist the partner in setting up the secondary site, pre-building IP schemes and setting up firewalls on the recovery site to ensure there are no “gotchas” when the partner/end user needs to failover in an unpredictable disaster scenario.

Why is this disaster recovery solution different? Disaster Recovery powered by VMware allows you to manage your workloads on per VM basis. You can choose different Service Level Agreement (SLA) profiles on a per VM basis. With Recover Point Objectives (RPOs) as fast as one hour, this solution allows our partners to talk about specific recovery times and retention policies on a per VM basis – all while effectively managing the solution and the budget.

We have priced this solution very, very aggressively.  You pay a small fee on a per VM basis and reserve the necessary compute and storage on the target side. This is lockstep with our goal: to deliver the cloud solutions you want, with the support you deserve and at a price point that you can afford.

While some disaster recovery solutions are unreliable, complex and expensive, and many not scale at the required levels of protection or expectation, Disaster Recovery powered by VMware is reliable and effective while remaining extremely affordable. We truly believe this solution is a win/win for our partners and their end users.

AUTHOR: Charles Houser


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