Green Cloud Announces New Delayed Billing Option

Greenville, SC – April 4, 2014 – Green Cloud Technologies, a Cloud technology solutions provider based in Greenville, SC, has announced a new delayed billing option for large virtual machine purchases.  With this new option, the first invoice would be delayed for an extended period of time to help businesses balance their financial objectives during the transition from on-premise servers to Green Cloud’s virtual platform.

Delayed billing allows an IT staff to plan and implement their cloud environment weeks or even months before they receive the first bill.

“We have helped move many businesses to the cloud with 20 – 100 servers.  Making the decision to go to the cloud is only the first step.  This program helps ease the financial burden by allowing them more time to plan and implement the migration,” said Dan Sterling, president of Green Cloud.

Green Cloud’s new option allows for a customer to delay billing for up to two weeks per 10 virtual machines purchased.

“If a business decides to purchase 50 virtual machines from Green Cloud, it makes sense to allow them up to 10 weeks to actually implement the migration,” commented Shay Houser, CEO of Green Cloud.  “We do not know of any other public cloud providers that allow any delayed billing, much less by several months.”