Green Cloud Customers Operational During Power Outage

Greenville, SC – February 17, 2014 – Green Cloud Technologies, a Cloud solutions provider headquartered in Greenville, SC, confirmed today that, despite the inclement weather conditions and widespread power outages associated with Winter Storm Pax, all of its customer base utilizing cloud virtual server and disaster recovery solutions were operational throughout the week.

More than 487,000 homes and businesses were without power in the Southeast including 100,000 in Georgia, hardest hit South Carolina with more than 350,000 outages, and Wilmington, North Carolina, accounted for more than 58,000 outages.

“After the storm passes and the roads are cleared, power outages persist”, said Shay Houser, CEO of Green Cloud Technologies.  “This can be detrimental to businesses who aren’t prepared to run critical business applications during a power outage.”

Cloud services offer businesses the ability to move servers and infrastructure off-site to data center facilities that offer geographic redundancy and multiple power sources.  This ensures that critical business applications, like email and payroll processing, are not impacted by inclement weather or other disaster scenarios, like flooding or fire.

“Cloud solutions are key to staying competitive in today’s business climate,” add Houser.  “Businesses that are closed for days or weeks due to a disaster may not reopen.  That’s the reality.”

Green Cloud Technologies offers virtual server, backup and server restoration services.