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Advanced Edge Functionality

The Advanced Edge Gateway upgrade in vCloud 8.20 includes a number of new features. Since the majority of these features are not frequent use cases, their availability is summarized here. Implementation for these features is covered in VMware’s vCloud Director 8.20 documentation, available in the Help section in the upper right-hand corner.



DHCP can be configured locally on Advanced Edge Gateways. Navigate to the DHCP tab and select the “+” symbol to configure a new DHCP pool. DHCP can also be bound to a domain with the Bindings tab, and supports Relay agreements through the Relay tab.



Advanced Edge Gateways support advanced routing configurations such as OSPF and BGP. Static Routes and Route Redistribution are also available. Please note that BGP will require additional configuration which will likely require the intervention of GreenCloud Support.


Load Balancing

More advanced load balancing is available under the Load Balancer tab. The load balancer is configured by creating Application Profiles to identify traffic patterns.



User-generated certificates can be used with the Edge Gateway for improved security. Use the Certificates tab to upload the relevant file type (CA, CSR, etc.) and allow the Edge Gateway to validate the certification.


Grouping Objects

IPs can be grouped into Objects on Advanced Edge Gateways. This allows for NAT rules and Firewall rules based on objects rather than lists of IPs, which is generally considered to be a more robust model. This model also mirrors the functionality of Cisco CVRs and ASAVs. In the Grouping Objects tab, groups of IPs, MAC Addresses, and Services can be configured for use in other configuration areas.



Connection Statistics are available from the Statistics tab. The number of firewall connections is shown by default. IPsec VPN and L2 VPN statistics are also available, showing the configuration information for each channel as well as the status of the tunnel.

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