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ASAv – Adding External IPs to Management

1.      Log on through ASDM

Log on to the ASDM software. Please see this article for more information.

2.      Add IP to Management

From the landing page, navigate to Configuration, then select Device Management as shown.


In the Device Management panel which appears in the left-hand column, expand Management Access Rules and select the first item. This will display all IPs from which the ASAv can be managed.

In order to add an IP to this list, select “Add” from the right-hand side.

add an IP

Select “OUTSIDE” to apply the rule to the external interface, and select ASDM to grant ASDM only access to that IP. Select SSH to grant command-line only access instead.

ASDM only access

This will enable users to connect from that specific IP to manage the ASAv.

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