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BaaS Seeding Guide

When a BaaS repository is too large to upload, it may be a better option to send your data directly to Green Cloud on one of our secure hard drives. Please contact Green Cloud Support to initiate this process.

When should I seed my BaaS data?

Hard drive seed transfers take time, and are difficult to re-attempt should issues arise. Even if your WAN connection is slow it is likely that the slow and steady upload will be faster and more efficient than a manual seed. However, if it will take longer than 2 weeks to complete the initial upload, then it will probably be best to seed through a hard drive. Note that the seed may take longer than 2 weeks to complete.

BaaS Seed Process

1. Create your Repository and Backup Job

Create your Veeam backup as per normal. Please see the BaaS Setup Guide for more information.

2. Create a secondary local Repository

Select Backup Infrastructure in Veeam, then Repositories. Select Add Repository as shown on the left to create a local repository for the seed data. This should just be a portion of a local disk.

Note: If Green Cloud has provided a NAS device for you to fill with seed data, this backup repository must be a Per-VM repository in order to be compatible with our import process.

 3. Create a secondary Backup Copy Job

Select Home in Veeam, then create an auxiliary Backup Copy Job from the top bar as shown below.

Make sure the Backup Copy Job name contains no spaces – this will cause some features of BaaS to not function. Add the servers you would like to seed, and make sure that the backup copy interval covers the whole chain of restore points on the backup repository from which you plan to copy backups (e.g. make sure that the entire backup repository history is covered by the backup copy job). Then, run the backup copy.

4. Transfer files to seed drive

Once the Green Cloud seed drive arrives on your site, attach it to a server with local or network access to the secondary repository that you created earlier. Copy the VBK file and VBM file to the Green Cloud seed drive. Make sure you have a backup copy for each server that you need to seed. Once the copy is complete, ship the seed drive back to Green Cloud. Be sure to remove the auxiliary backup job.

5. Re-Scan Repository

Green Cloud will notify you when the import is complete. After receiving the notification, select Backup Infrastructure, then Repositories. Right-click on the Cloud Repository from the BaaS Setup process, and select “Re-Scan”. This will allow Veeam to pick up the backup copies that are now stored in your Green Cloud repository.

6. Create a primary Backup Copy job

Now that the backup copy image is recognized in the repository, select Home and create a new Backup Copy job. This will be the primary replication job going forward. Map the job to the full image(s) that are now in the cloud repository, and select Sync Now to run the copy job. Your job will execute as scheduled from this point forward. Alternately, an original Backup Copy Job can also be re-mapped to point to the Cloud Repository.

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