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BaaS WAN Accelerator Applications

Green Cloud does not offer WAN Acceleration for BaaS with Veeam at this time. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Green Cloud’s network infrastructure is rarely near capacity
  2. WAN Acceleration does not improve source connection bandwidth or throughput
  3. The WAN Accelerator requires architecture considerations both at the source and at the destination

Please see below for a short explanation.

What is a WAN Accelerator?

A Veeam WAN Accelerator is a small VM paired with each side of a Veeam Backup Copy Job. A WAN Accelerator at the source gathers data on each backup and creates a Digest File for the data blocks comprising that backup. The Destination WAN Accelerator stores received files in a Global Cache. Then, during the next Backup Copy, the source accelerator checks the new blocks against the blocks in the Cache, and only transfers non-duplicate blocks.

Note that the Digest and Cache only prevent sending duplicate blocks over the WAN, which will decrease re-transmission of received blocks. However, any changes to the files on the source server are still de-duplicated in Veeam, then replicated. This will cut down on WAN traffic, but not considerably.

Why does Green Cloud not offer WAN Acceleration for BaaS?

WAN Acceleration does have the potential to decrease the amount of data in each Backup Copy, but does not always do so. We have found that the performance improvement after installing WAN Accelerators on each side of the Backup Copy Job is minimal, and is often outweighed by:

  1. The cost of a VM on Green Cloud’s infrastructure, plus
  2. The cost and provisioning of a VM on the partner’s infrastructure.

WAN Acceleration does not actually improve bandwidth or throughput, which are the constraints that Green Cloud has seen impact replication performance above all else. If you notice your Veeam Backup Copy Jobs taking a long time to complete, please contact so that our engineers can evaluate and diagnose any issues with the network connection between your site and Green Cloud.

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