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Cannot Bind DaaS Tenant to Domain

Issue Description

DaaS Tenant Domain Bind through Enterprise Center fails.



This issue can happen for a number of reasons. If you have trouble binding the tenant to the domain, there should be an error code displayed at the top of the screen. Make not of any error codes you may see. Some common items to check are:

  1. Confirm the ports are open and responding via telnet or other tool. LDAP uses port 389 and LDAPs (LDAP over SSL) uses 636. Windows firewall and/or AV firewalls can block these ports.
    1. More information on configure LDAP over SSL in AD can be found here:
  2. If using LDAPs (LDAP over SSL) confirm AD is configured to use LDAP over SSL.
  3. Common LDAP errors
    • 525 - user not found
    • 52e - invalid credentials
    • 530 - not permitted to logon at this time
    • 531 - not permitted to logon at this workstation
    • 532 - password expired
    • 533 - account disabled
    • 701 - account expired
    • 773 - user must reset password
    • 775 - user account locked
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