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Converting Reserved Desktop to Gold Pattern Fails: Agent version of the VM is null

Issue Description

Green Cloud provides the partner with a reserved desktop for the partner to prep and convert to a gold pattern. The conversion to a gold pattern may fail with the error message, “the agent version is null”.



Confirm DHCP is setup and woking correctly

  • Confirm scope options of 074 have the correct tenant appliance IP addresses

If DHCP is correct or you are unable to confirm the DHCP scope options perform the following tasks on the reserved desktop.

  1. Stop the DaaS Agent service.
  2. Navigate to the MonitorAgent.ini file, located at:
    1. 32-bit – C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware DaaS Agent\Service\MonitorAgent.ini
    2. 64-bit – C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware DaaS Agent\Service\MonitorAgent.ini
  3. Open the MonitorAgent.ini file using text editor. Locate entries smiliar to:

4. Update these entries:

  • Remove ; to uncomment the line.
  • Add the IPs of your Tenant appliances.
    • Note: Do not place the floating IP of your Tenants in this file.
  • Change the auto_discover from 1 to 0.

For example:


5. Start the DaaS Agent.

6. Convert your reserved desktop to a gold pattern.

Please see the following KB Article for more information:

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