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DaaS 8 Interface – Monitor Page

The Monitor pages are accessible by selecting “Monitor” from the left-hand bar, then selecting a specific page:

  • Dashboard will display the overall administrator dashboard, which is the landing page
  • Activity will list recent individual Desktop tasks
  • Reports shows all User Mapping and Desktop Mapping details
  • Notifications will list recent system-wide Notifications for administrators


The Dashboard will show, at a glance, the Connections, Connection Status, and Allocations for the DaaS environment.


The Activity monitor will show recent tasks caused by Administrators or Users changing settings on Assignments or Desktops.


Two reports are visible from the Reports screen: User mapping, and Desktop mapping.

User Mapping

The User Mapping report allows Administrators to view which Users are mapped to which Desktops, and by what mapping type. Results can be filtered by user name.

Desktop Mapping

Rather than troubleshooting Assignments based on users, Administrators can instead view all desktops within a DaaS environment.


The Notifications screen will display any system-wide notifications, such as failure alerts or capacity warnings.

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