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DaaS 8 Interface – Settings Page

The Settings pages allow DaaS administrators to change settings and parameters for the DaaS environment. To access the Settings pages, select Settings from the left-hand bar:

  • General Settings – Default Domain, Session Timeouts, User Portal configuration, Networks
  • Active Directory – View or Register a new Active Directory domain
  • Roles & Permissions – Assign Admin rights to AD Users or Groups
  • Locations – View and manage File Share locations
  • Getting Started – Walk through some common initial tasks for DaaS Administrators
  • Utility VMs – View and manage VMs inside the DaaS environment for functions like DHCP or Domain control

Note that most DaaS environments will have a network bridge to an IaaS environment that contains VMs that control these functions

  • 2 Factor Auth – Configure and manage MFA integration

General Settings

Select “Edit” in the upper left to edit any of the displayed settings. To change Network configuration, please contact Green Cloud support.

Active Directory

Edit existing AD settings with the “Edit” buttons on the far right, or use “Register” to register a new domain.

Roles & Permissions

Select a Role to edit, then use the “Edit” button to add Users or Groups to that role. These Roles allow the Administrator to assign permission to user groups from their Domain within the DaaS portal.


Edit file share locations, or select “New” to create a new one.

When creating a new File Share location, enter the credentials and Source Path, then select Save.

Getting Started

The Getting Started screen will walk administrators through some initial DaaS setup tasks such as registering an Active Directory domain and creating a Desktop Assignment. If you exit this screen and are unable to find it, you can re-start the Getting Started process from Settings.

2 Factor Auth

Select “New” to create a new 2-Factor Authentication connection, or select one of the management tasks for an existing connection.

Note that MFA Provider Names for DaaS may not include special characters (such as &, $, #, etc.).

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