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DaaS Gold Pattern Management

The base pattern(s) is deployed as a reserved desktop during the initial tenant provisioning process performed by Green Cloud.  The result of this process will expose the pattern to the tenant admin portal. Your tenant admin portal and desktop portal information was provided to you at the completion of the provisioning process.

To manage the pattern, you must first log into the utility server from either a vCloud console or RDP session. Due to the dynamic IP the pattern gets from DHCP when powered on, it is not accessible from the Internet.  If you need assistance with access to the utility server contact Green Cloud support at

From the utility server, open a browser and log into the tenant admin portal appliance via the private IP Green Cloud provides. If not using a valid SSL certificate, click through the SSL warning message.  For example If you need assistance with this IP address you many contact Green Cloud support at

Create a New Gold Pattern

Once logged in, go to ‘Pool Management’ and select patterns from the drop down. Locate your base desktop provisioned by Green Cloud under ‘Reserved Desktops’.  If there are none available, use the search field at the top and enter the pattern name. The pattern name was provided by Green Cloud during the provisioning process. Select the desktop and reserver it.

Once the desktop is reserved, select the reserved desktop you wish to update/manage. This will expose menu options on the right hand side. Logon by clicking the ‘Connect using RDP’ link. Use the local administrator account with the default password provided to you by Green Cloud. It is recommended you set a new password and document it in a secure location. This password will be used when converting a reserved desktop to a Gold Pattern and/or when resealing a Gold Pattern. Customize the desktop per your requirements then log off. Return to the portal and convert the desktop to a Gold Pattern. From this point forward, all your pattern updates and mangement will be done from the Gold Pattern.

Update/Modify Gold Pattern

In the portal, go to ‘Pool Management’ and select patterns from the drop down. You should now see a list of all the Gold Patterns and reserved desktops you have assigned to the tenant. Select the pattern you wish to update/manage to expose menu options on the right hand side.

Update/Modify Gold Pattern

Click the link to ‘Modify Gold Pattern and Reseal’. On the next screen, power on the pattern and wait until the pattern is available to mange. The DaaS agent status must have a green check. This process can take up to 5 minutes. Click ‘OK’ to any prompts. Once complete, the step 1 and step 2 fields become accessible. Click the link to ‘connect via RDP’. You shoud now be connected to your gold pattern as a local admin. You can make the necessary changes to the image such as install/remove software.

Update/Modify Gold Pattern reseal

After your changes are made to the pattern and you have closed your RDP session, complete the fields in step 2. DO NOT check override licensing. Use the admin password you set when converting from reserved desktop to gold pattern. Please make sure to document the admin password you enter. Please note that GreenCloud is not responsible for this password. Finally, click save. The pattern update will take a few minutes to complete.

If using a dynamic pool, the next steps is to ‘Refresh Dynamic Pools’ with the updated pattern. Return to your Gold Pattern and you will now see a link ‘Refresh Dynamic Pool’. This link is only available if the pattern is assigned to a dynamic pool. If using static desktops, you cannot refresh existing static desktops. You can add new static desktops to the pool. The new desktops will get the updated pattern. Depending on the size of the dynamic pool and/or how many desktops you are adding this process can take some time. It recommended to have users log off their dynamic desktops to ensure those machines get refreshed.

Once the pool refresh/expansion is complete, log in as a user and confirm the pattern changes applied.

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