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DRaaS with StorageCraft Synology Installation

Green Cloud’s ServeRestore is a 3-tiered server protection solution, which utilizes both backups to a local storage device and offsite replication to a Green Cloud data center.  Finally, this offsite data is used to provide restoration to a virtual server environment maintained in the Green Cloud data centers in the event of a loss of service locally.

Working remote access is a requirement, so please be sure to confirm operation prior to our scheduled installation window. Also, please make sure all the required changes on the server as discussed in the site survey step are complete (create “greencloud” user, change licensing if required, remove other backup agents, etc).


Synology Installation

Green Cloud provides a Synology DiskStation for the local backup storage device. The provided Synology device requires a single power outlet, a single Ethernet connection, and a DHCP provided IP address on the same network as the server(s) to be backed up. 1 Gigabit Ethernet is strongly preferred for the network connectivity as the backup jobs will take considerably longer with 100M only. A UPS-backed power outlet is also preferred for the protection of the device and its data during power surges or outages.

  1. Unbox the provided Synology device.
  2. Plug the included AC adapter into a power outlet and the back of the Synology.
  3. Plug the provided Ethernet cable into the RJ45 port on the back of the Synology and into the selected RJ45 Ethernet port on the local LAN switch.
  4. Press the blue power button on the face of the Synology.

Once the Synology has been powered on, allow Green Cloud staff to verify connectivity and begin the setup process. Green Cloud will set up backup jobs to user specifications, and monitor backup jobs for completion.


Seeding Initial Backups to Green Cloud

In addition to the Synology device, an encrypted Apricorn hard drive will be shipped to the client site. In order to seed initial backups to Green Cloud:

  1. Connect the encrypted USB drive to the Synology using both prongs of the provided Y-cable.
  2. Unlock the drive by entering the provided code and pressing the unlock button in the bottom left.
  3. Allow Green Cloud staff to copy the initial images to the encrypted USB drive.
  4. Once the copy is complete, ship the encrypted USB drive back to Green Cloud with the provided shipping label.
    1. If no shipping label is present, contact the Green Cloud representative who helped with the installation to retrieve the shipping label.

Once the USB drive has been shipped back to Green Cloud, the images will be loaded into the DRaaS environment along with the replicated backups, and the chain will be complete. At this point the backups are ready to use and can be restored into a full VM in Green Cloud’s IaaS environment at any time.

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