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DRaaS with Veeam Provisioning Setup

Before the provisioning process for DRaaS with Veeam is complete, the partner must prepare the secondary (recovery) site, set up a local Veeam repository, and add Green Cloud as a Veeam Service Provider. This process occurs after the initial Green Cloud provisioning email has been sent to the partner, but before the partner’s servers can be protected by Replica jobs.

Configure vCloud Director secondary site

First, Log in to vCloud Director using credentials and URL from the provisioning email. This is the interface through which Green Cloud delivers access to the virtual recovery environment. Next, create Org VDC networks on which the replicas will land after failover. This will determine the internal IP scheme for the recovery environment. One design consideration to make is that during a partial failover, you may need to establish an IPSEC VPN between the primary and recovery sites, so the recovery site’s internal IP scheme may need to be on a different subnet to prevent resolution conflicts.

Create Veeam Backup Jobs and a Local Repository

Backup jobs are not necessary but strongly recommended so that the partner has a local copy to restore in order to satisfy the “3-2-1” Rule. Local backups will also allow the partner to perform file-level recovery, for which DRaaS is not suitable. In order to create a Backup job, a Veeam Repository will also be necessary. Veeam will also use this local Repository to store Replica metadata during the Replica Job creation step later on, so it’s best to establish a Repository now.

Add Green Cloud Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider

See this article on how to add Green Cloud as a Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider. Use the Username (of the format [vCloud_ORG_Name]\[vCloud_Org_Admin] ) and password that were delivered with the provisioning email. The URL and port will also be included.

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