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FortiGate – Enable Web Content Filtering

With the FortiGate’s Web Content Filtering, you can control access to web content by blocking web pages containing specific words or patterns. This helps to prevent access to pages with questionable material. You can specify words, phrases, patterns, wildcards and Perl regular expressions to match content on web pages.

Go to Security Profiles > Web Filter and go to the Static URL Filter section, then enable Content Filter to display its options.


Select Create New to display the content filter options. For Pattern Type, select Regular Expression and enter your desired terms in the Pattern field (in this example, we use fortinet).

  • Leave Language as Western.
  • Set Action to Block.
  • Set Status to Enable.


Select OK to see the updated Static URL Filter section.


Validate the configuration by visiting a website with the word from your filter, for example, The website is blocked and a replacement page displays.

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