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FortiGate – Getting Started

When the FortiGate VM is provisioned into your Green Cloud infrastructure, the following features will have already been set up:

  • Connectivity into Green Cloud’s external network

  • Green Cloud IP assigned

  • FortiGate License installed

The next steps to setting up your FortiGate VM are to configure the interfaces for connectivity and establish a default route. From there, you can configure the NAT rules, Firewall policies, and VPNs according to your environment’s architecture.

Configuring Interfaces

  1. To edit the Internet-facing interface (in the example, wan1), go to Network > Interfaces.

  2. Set the Estimated Bandwidth for the interface based on your Internet connection.

  3. Set Role to WAN.

  4. Set Addressing mode to Manual and set the IP/Network Mask to your Green Cloud external IP address.

  5. Edit the lan interface, which is called internal on some FortiGate models.

  6. Set Role to LAN.

  7. Set Addressing mode to Manual and set the IP/Network Mask to the private IP address that you want to use for the FortiGate.

  8. If you need to assign IP addresses to devices on your internal network, enable DHCP Server.

 Creating a Default Route

  1. To create a new default route, go to Network > Static Routes. Typically, you have only one default route. If the static route list already contains a default route, you can edit it, or delete the route and add a new one.

  2. Set Destination to Subnet and leave the destination IP address set to

  3. Set Gateway to the IP address provided by Green Cloud and Interface to the Internet-facing interface.

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