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Google Chrome Not Roaming Properly on DaaS

Issue Description

This is a known issue with Google Chrome. If you experience this issue, as a workaround you need to change the location of the Google Chrome User Data folder. In a dynamic desktop deployment, this location should be one of the redirected folders.

Note: Google Chrome will show a warning that it is stored on a network location which may cause instability when opened. While Chrome is generally stable running on a network location, it should be noted that it may have issues from running network location.



To change the directory location, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome group policy templates. To leverage group policy with Chrome you must install / deploy Chrome using the MSI. This can be downloaded here. You can download the Chrome policy templates from here. Once downloaded, upload the policy template to your group policy management and set the user data location for Chrome. Below are the variables Chrome uses and how they translate to Windows variables.

  • %APPDATA% = ${roaming_app_data}
  • %LOCALAPPDATA% = ${local_app_data}
  • %USERNAME% = ${user_name}
  • %COMPUTERNAME% = ${machine_name}
  • %USERPROFILE% = ${profile}
  • %PROGRAMFILES% = ${program_files}
  • %WINDIR% = ${windows}

For example, to change the location from %username%\appdata\local\Google\Chrome\User Data to %username%\appdata\roaming\Google\Chrome\User Data the path in the policy template would be ${roaming_app_data}\Google\Chrome\User Data.

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