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Green Cloud Portal ConnectWise Integration Setup


Using a web browser, navigate to and log in to begin the ConnectWise Manage setup.
If you do not have a Green Cloud account, please use to request an account. Navigate to
Accounts -> ConnectWise Manage Integration from the top bar.

ConnectWise Manager

Click “Configure” in the upper right-hand corner, then fill in the fields:

  • Company ID
  • Manage Site address
  • Public & Private Keys
  • Price markup (optional)

ConnectWise Manage integration

Create a ConnectWise API user/member with following permissions:

  • View companies, agreements
  • Create agreement additions
  • View/modify product catalog
  • View reports.

The Portal will verify the connection and move on to the Product Integration step

Product integration

Set the default product types, categories, subcategories, and units. The Portal will pull these lists from ConnectWise. If
the partner’s billing scheme is already established, existing products in ConnectWise can be mapped to Green Cloud line
items. Markup percentage can be set per-product if necessary.

ConnectWise integration is now complete and can be used on new orders/agreements to generate Portal information in
ConnectWise and vice-versa.

Agreement integration (Company Mapping)

Create an agreement for Green Cloud of a specific type. A prorated agreement will provide the most functionality. Then,
select the relevant agreement type and run mapping.

This operation looks for any companies that match company names in the Green Cloud portal with a unique agreement
of the relevant type. Agreements can be manually linked if the mapping fails:

  • Click “Link account” in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select company from company list
  • Select agreement from agreement list

Note that companies can be imported from ConnectWise into the Green Cloud portal, but not from the Portal into

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