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O365 BaaS Setup

In order to set up your O365 account for O365 BaaS with Veeam, you must first create a Service Account with Exchange and SharePoint Administrator roles. You must then submit the credentials for that account with your order to Green Cloud.

Verify Account Access

Use an administrator account to log in to Office 365 ( Verify that you can access the O365 Admin Center in order to create user accounts.

Verify Account Access

Create Backup Service Account

In the Admin Center, add a new user to create a service account.

Fill in the required user information. The requirements according to Veeam are that the user is a member of the Exchange Administrator, SharePoint Administrator, and Global Administrator roles (regardless of whether or not SharePoint will be included in backups).

manage admin role

Submit Green Cloud Order

Once O365 access is verified and the service account is created, submit a new order to Green Cloud through the Green Cloud Partner Portal ( Include the following information:

  • Number of Mailboxes (included as “Count” field in O365 BaaS line item)
    • If only specific mailboxes should be backed up, include this information as well
  • Service Account credentials for O365 connection

After the service is provisioned, you will receive a Green Cloud provisioning email including the connection information to add Green Cloud as a service provider to Veeam Backup & Replication. Backups will begin on the same day as provisioning, but may not complete for several days depending on transfer speed.

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