Remote Desktop Service (RDS) Server Optimization

See below for a list of recommended RDS server optimizations for Windows servers running in vCloud Director.




  • Use Network Level Authentication

  • Use valid SSL certificate

  • Limit local admin users on session hosts

  • Use MFA for user authentication

Data Compression

  • Set the RD Protocol Data Compression policy to ‘Balances memory and network bandwidth’

Device Redirection

  • Only redirect the devices you need to redirect

    • Do not redirect local drives

Client Experience

  • Ensure clients use the latest version of the RDP client

  • Disable wallpaper so it does not show desktop wallpaper on redirected connections. This helps reduce bandwidth usage.

  • Enable Bitmap cache. When this setting is enabled, it creates a client-side cache of bitmaps that are rendered in the session. It provides a significant improvement on bandwidth usage.

  • Disable Show contents of windows while dragging. When this setting is disabled, it reduces bandwidth usage.

  • Disable Menu and window animation. When these settings are disabled, it reduces bandwidth usage.

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