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VSPC – Management

There are 2 categories within Management in VSPC: Backup Jobs, and Failover Plans.


Backup Jobs

The Backup Jobs section shows Veeam Backup Jobs that are stored on Backup Agents or Backup Servers that are being managed by VSPC. Select a tab to view Backup Jobs of the relevant type.


Managed Backup Agents Tab

This tab shows the Managed Backup Agents that are available in VSPC. To manage a Backup Agent, see Managing a Veeam Backup Agent.



Once an Agent is selected with the checkbox to the left, the Administrator can Create a new Backup Job, Enable/Disable the Agent, or change operational settings on that Agent. There is a Search Bar at the top of the page, and a Filter menu to pare down the list of Agents by criteria such as Operation Mode, Backup Mode, or Platform:

Managed Backup Servers Tab

This tab shows a list of Backup Jobs stored on Veeam Backup & Replication servers that are being managed by VSPC. To manage a Veeam server, see Managing a Veeam Server.


VSPCOnce a job is selected with the checkbox to the left, the Administrator can Start/Stop or Enable/Disable the job. There is a Search Bar at the top of the page, as well as filters for Status, Backup Target, and Backup Type.

VAC allows for visibility and limited management, but it may be necessary to remotely access the Veeam Backup & Replication Console directly in order to resolve certain issues or add VMs to Inventory. The Remote Backup Console button  downloads the executable file that allows the Administrator to remotely log in to the Backup & Replication Server.


Failover Plans

The Failover Plans section allows access to Disaster Recovery plans that are established on a Managed Veeam B&R server. Before these plans are available in VAC, the partner must have a functioning DRaaS w/Veeam service with active VM Replica Jobs. Then, the partner must create a Failover Plan which includes those VMs, with Green Cloud’s secondary DR Recovery site as the target. Once these conditions are satisfied, the Failover Plan will appear in VAC.


To perform a DRaaS w/Veeam Failover, choose a Failover Plan from the list and select Start. The Failover Plan, complete with startup order and delays, will execute on the Veeam B&R server.

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