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Windows Cloud Application Optimizations

There are many applications that can be used on servers today. It is recommended you engage the application vendor for specific guidance on running the application in a virtual environment. Below are some recommendations for common browsers and Microsoft Office.




  • Use a browser you can centrally manage through GPO

    • Chrome for Enterprise, Edge Chromium or Firefox for Enterprise.

  • Disable Hardware graphics acceleration

  • Use dark theme

  • Avoid using Flash based websites.

  • Limit the use of extensions in the browser to only those required.

  • Disable saving passwords in the browser.

MS Office (General)

  • Disable hardware graphics acceleration

  • Disable Office animations

  • Disable Office backgrounds

  • Disable the Office start screen

  • Suppress the recommended settings dialog

  • Disable Menu animations

  • Disable First Run Movie

  • Disable Office First Run Movie on application boot

  • Only install the Office applications the users require.


  • If using Office 365, use Outlook Web instead of the Outlook client.

  • If using the Outlook client with cached mode enabled do the following:

    • Keep the cache to a minimal amount keeping only the most recent email in the OST. Keep no more than 3 months.

  • When using multiple RDS Session Hosts and roaming user profiles, a third party tool such as FSLogix is recommended to properly roam all the outlook settings and data.


  • Do not use the OneDrive client on a RD session host. Instead rely on the MS Office native integrations with OneDrive and SharePoint file locations.


  • Use Teams only for chat and collaboration in a RDS deployment

  • Use the Teams web client instead of the full client in a RDS deployment

  • If you need/want to use Teams for Audio/Video/Meetings, etc, you should consider a Horizon DaaS deployment instead of RDS.

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