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Windows Cloud OS Optimization

See below for a list of general OS optimizations for Windows Servers running in vCloud Director.




  • Run the VMware OS Optimization Tool

    • Select the appropriate template for the OS, review the recommended optimizations and run the tool.

      • NOTE: Be sure to take a snapshot prior to running this tool.

      • NOTE: Do not ‘optimize’ anything if you are not 100% sure what the optimization is and/or will do.

  • Set dark solid color backgrounds such as black.

  • Set the Windows performance policy to ‘Adjust for best performance’

  • Make sure the latest version of VMtools is installed.

  • Upgrade the VM HW version to the latest available.

  • Separate the OS from the data using disks (drives) and not partitions.

    • The VM hardware should have an OS disk and one or more data disks.

File Servers

  • File Servers should use SMBv3 and disable SMBv1.


  • Exclude temp file locations

  • Only perform scheduled scans outside of normal operation times.

  • Scan on write only, do not scan on read

  • Disable startup scanning

  • Do not scan network drives or redirected drives including USB drives

Desktop Notifications

  • Disable any notifications by removing the component that registers them from the startup list or by changing the configuration on apps and system components to disable them.

Task Scheduler

  • Disable any unnecessary scheduled tasks

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