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Zerto Glossary of Terms

Zerto Cloud Connector (ZCC)

A virtual machine installed on the cloud side, one for each customer organization replication network. The Zerto Cloud Connector requires both cloud-facing and customer-facing static IP addresses. The ZCC routes traffic between the customer network and the cloud replication network, in a secure manner ensuring complete separation between the customer network and the cloud service provider network. The ZCC has two Ethernet interfaces, one to the customer’s network and one to the cloud service provider’s network. Within the cloud connector a bidirectional connection is created between the customer and cloud service provider networks. Thus, all network traffic passes through the ZCC, where the incoming traffic on the customer network is automatically configured to IP addresses of the cloud service provider network.

Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM)

A Windows service, which enables managing all the cloud sites offering disaster recovery using a single interface. The ZCM manages the DR either as a service (DRaaS) or completely within the cloud environment, protecting on one cloud site and recovering to a second site (ICDR).

Virtual Protection Group (VPG)

Virtual machines are protected in virtual protection groups. A virtual protection groups (VPG) is a group of virtual machines that you want to group together for replication purposes. For example, the virtual machines that comprise an application like Microsoft Exchange, where one virtual machine is used for the software, one for the database and a third

Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA)

A virtual machine that manages the replication of protected virtual machine writes across sites. A VRA must be installed on every ESX/ESXi which hosts virtual machines that require protecting in the protected site and on every ESX/ESXi that will host the replicated virtual machines in the recovery site.

Zerto Self-service Portal (ZSSP)

A website for Green Cloud customers to initiate failover or Move operations on their own

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The maximum amount of data that may be lost when the activity or service is restored after an interruption. Expressed as a length of time before the interruption.

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