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Zerto VPG Statuses

Needs Configuration

One or more configuration settings are missing, for example, when reverse protection is not specified or a virtual machine is added to a vApp


Recovery is Possible

Communication with the Zerto Virtual Manager at the protected site is down so continuing protection is halted, but recovery on the remote site is available (compare with Site disconnection).


VM not protected

A virtual machine in the VPG is no longer being protected. For example, when the virtual machine was moved to another host without a VRA.


Bitmap Syncing

A change tracking mechanism of the protected machines during a disconnected state or when a VRA buffer is full. In these situations, Zerto Virtual Replication starts to maintain a smart bitmap in memory, in which it tracks and records the storage areas that changed. Since the bitmap is kept in memory, Zerto Virtual Replication does not require any LUN or volume per VPG at the protected side.

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