Managed Email Security

Email protection for common, daily attacks

As malicious attacks continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, the need for email security services and solutions is greater than ever. While it is now widely known that 85% of organization have suffered from phishing attacks, perhaps the more alarming statistic is that more than 30% of phishing messages are opened and 12% of those click on a malicious attachment or link.


of organization have suffered from phishing attacks


of phishing messages are opened


of those click on a malicious attachment or link

To combat these new threats, Green Cloud Defense offers a Managed Email Security solution that protects your email environment from common, daily attacks. Our Email Security service includes:

  • Antispam: An array of techniques used to identify and block a vast majority of spam email, which is a major source of phishing attacks.
  • Antivirus/Antimalware: Protect against a wide range of constantly evolving threats.
  • Blacklist/Whitelist: Explicitly allow or deny email from specific domains or email addresses.
  • User Quarantine Emails: End-user quarantine management for simplified email access.
  • Content Filtering: Limit email content based on specified criteria such as file type or regular expressions.
  • Identity Based Encryption (IBE): Provides encrypted email through a secure user portal.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Meet compliance requirements by leveraging policies which prevent sensitive data from leaving your environment via email.
Reduce your exposure and the risk of a malicious attack with Green Cloud Defense’s Managed Email Security service.

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