Professional Services

Professional Security Services

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all security approach to network design. To augment our security offerings, Green Cloud Defense offers Professional Security Services that deliver full-service network design, configuration and deployment. Each unique engagement will be driven by clearly defined requirements outlined in a Statement of Work.

Feel confident knowing your deployment is in our expert hands.


Network Architecture Review & Design

Green Cloud Defense’s security experts will review your existing architecture, then design a network solution driven by both security and business objectives.

Appliance Configuration & Implementation

Green Cloud Defense’s security experts will work with your team to configure and optimize your FortiGate appliance(s). We then test for readiness and quality before deployment.

Health Check

Green Cloud Defense’s security experts will perform a detailed audit of your current security solution and identify potential areas of improvement to your overall security posture.

Partner Program

Not an IT Solution Provider?

No worries, we can find you the perfect fit within our nationwide Green Cloud Partner Program.