Partner Profile: insITe Managed Services

We always like to hear feedback from our partners to gauge how we’re doing in terms of meeting your needs, being available to help your business, and providing the best customer service to the channel. We recently sat down with Jon Morin, president of insITe Managed Services to ask him about his experience as a new Green Cloud partner.


How many of your customers have a Green Cloud solution?

After only four months as a partner, roughly 90% of my existing clients use Green Cloud as either a backup solution for mission-critical servers, or as a host for virtual servers. All of them are more secure and saving money with their Green Cloud solution.


What makes Green Cloud a better solution (than hardware, BDR, etc.)?

The cost and time to delivery. Hardware, local backups, power, software purchases and licensing, defending against environmental factors—all these issues create ever-increasing costs to businesses of every size. Not only that, the time to configure, order, ship, unpack, set up, test, and deploy a server can take many days, if not weeks, depending upon the manufacturer and complexity. With Green Cloud’s solutions, businesses can reduce and even eliminate the many direct and indirect costs associated with having a server. On top of that, the time it takes to deliver a Green Cloud server can be just minutes after submitting the contract. That saves the client money and earns the partner more revenue, and that’s a win-win situation.


Why are you getting out of the hardware business?

Hardware purchases are getting harder and harder to justify to a small business client. Spending thousands of dollars on hardware that, typically, is more than that small business will ever use, just doesn’t make sense. Being able to offer flexible “grow as your business grows” configurations makes it really easy to sell Green Cloud solutions.


What is your advice for other MSPs that are transitioning from hardware to cloud?

Transitioning to the cloud is easier than you think, but to do it properly, you must believe in the cloud yourself. Clients will see right through you if you don’t believe that moving to Green Cloud is absolutely the right thing for them to do.


What’s your favorite thing about working with Green Cloud?

Hands down, the people. From the executives to the support staff, the Green Cloud staff is client-focused and hard-working, and at the end of the day, they’re great people to know. There is no better bunch of men and women who can make selling and supporting the cloud easy and profitable.