Remote Work Solutions

Green Cloud is committed to providing secure and reliable remote work solutions for your clients.

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses and providers are searching for new ways to manage remote work environments. Now more than ever, these solutions are in demand as businesses turn to work from home options to comply with social distancing mandates.


The cloud makes managing these environments easy.


Green Cloud partners have options when it comes to the best solution for their end users. If your customer is looking for the fastest and most flexible option for quickly scaling user accounts up or down in times of uncertainty, an infrastructure RDS farm option would be ideal. Our virtual desktop offering is a high performance solution that dedicates one VM for each user. While deployment may be a bit longer, this is a perfect solution for companies that have long-term, secure and compliant remote work needs. For more information, download our comparison guide below. 



To find out more about how these solutions are helping our partners and their end users, click here. If you’re interested in becoming a Green Cloud Partner or would like more information on our solutions, complete the form on the right and we will get back to you!