Tintri Enables Green Cloud to Manage Four Times More Storage Without Additional Staff

Scalability and Efficiency Facilitate Business Shift from Storage Focus to Strategic Service Delivery

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – May 4th, 2016 – Green Cloud Technologies, an employee-owned cloud solutions provider (CSP), has quadrupled its storage footprint without adding new storage personnel due to Tintri’s VM-aware storage (VAS) solutions for virtualization and cloud environments.

With a three-year growth rate of more than 4,000 percent, Green Cloud previously needed two dedicated storage experts working full time to manage its storage footprint.  Following the introduction of Tintri VM-aware storage, the CSP’s IT team can now focus on service delivery, supporting numerous resellers with hundreds of customers who run unpredictable workloads with varying performance demands.

Keith Coker, Green Cloud’s Co-Founder and COO, notes the significant difference in organization dynamics. “As a cloud service provider, we don’t know what virtualized workloads end customers will be adding or modifying next, so we need storage that is both extremely flexible and easy to manage. After much investigation and testing, it was very clear to us that only Tintri solves the fundamental challenges of operating a highly virtualized environment. As a result, storage isn’t a focus any longer—we spend our time on strategic projects and better serving our customers.”

Prior to Tintri, Green Cloud was dependent on legacy SAN storage, which made it difficult to manage applications with various performance requirements. Green Cloud selected Tintri because it allowed them to guarantee the performance of end customer applications, and even support different service tiers on a single VMstore. Tintri’s per-VM QoS assigns each virtual machine its own performance lane, allowing Green Cloud to handle any virtual server, database and desktop workload while eliminating the need for dedicated storage experts.

Green Cloud Co-Founder and CTO Eric Hester, adds, “We’re always suspicious of new technologies—it’s our job to try and break them. From day one, Tintri VM-aware storage has simply worked. It doesn’t paper over performance issues like other all-flash storage. And so it has proven remarkably easy to scale as our business has grown.”

Tintri CTO and Co-Founder Kieran Harty said, “Virtualization is the backbone of any cloud environment, and Tintri is specifically built for virtualized workloads. That’s why cloud service providers that trust Tintri are able to guarantee performance to their partners, and ultimately to end customers. That’s a competitive advantage for our customers and a prerequisite to scale. And that’s why we enjoy such close collaboration with leaders like Green Cloud.”

You can read the complete Green Cloud Case Study, and for a more in depth look view a video about how Green Cloud has grown its business with Tintri.