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O365 BaaS Teams Restore

Before attempting a Teams restore from O365 BaaS, please ensure that there is a local server with Green Cloud added as a Service Provider, and the Veeam Explorer for Teams installed. See the O365 BaaS Restore Server Setup for more details.

Open Backup in Veeam Explorer for Teams

Open Veeam Explorer for Teams. Select “Add Org” in the upper left-hand corner, then select “Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Service Provider…”.

In the dialog box that opens, select the Service Provider instance that you set up during the O365 BaaS Restore Server Setup process, and the authentication method relevant to your O365 instance (Basic or Modern). For Basic, enter the username and password for the backup service account that was sent to Green Cloud when the service was ordered. For Modern, select your Region and sign in using the provided authentication code.

After entering the authentication information, specify a point in time (if necessary) and click “Connect”.

Locate Missing Items

You can restore the following types of items from the Veeam Explorer:

  • Teams
  • Channels/Tabs
  • Posts
  • Files

First, browse the Navigation Pane on the left to locate your missing items.

To launch the Restore Wizard, right-click on the relevant item and select “Restore [item]…”

Authenticate into Azure

Modern Authentication

For Modern Authentication, enter your Application ID and select “Next”. By default, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Teams populates this field with the identification number of the application that was used during a backup session. If you want to use another application, make sure to grant this application required permissions.

Then, use the Azure Device Logon page to complete the authentication.

Basic Authentication

For Basic Authentication, enter the username and password for the backup AD service account you sent Green Cloud during provisioning.

Finalize Restore

First, if restoring a Team in its entirety, select the Team from the following screen:

Then for all other item types, specify your restore options, and finalize by selecting “Restore”.

When restoring a Team, you will additionally need to select users/members.

Repeat this process for all missing items.

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