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VSPC – Backup Policy Configuration

Backup Policies in VSPC allow the administrator to create blanket backup job policies that can then be applied to Locations or Managed Agents.


The top of the Backup Policies screen contains a Search Bar, and three different Policy filters:

  • Type: OS type, Server or Workstation
  • Policy Type: Provided by Service Provider, or User-Generated (“My”)
  • Policy Access Type: Private or Public

Backup Policy Management

To create a new Backup Policy, select “New” at the top of the screen. This process also applies to Editing existing Backup Policies.


Enter a Name and Description, then continue to the Operation Mode section.


Select the appropriate Operation Mode (Server or Workstation), then continue to the Backup Mode section.


At this stage, select what type of backup Veeam should perform on machines protected by this Backup Profile. See the descriptions above for more information.


There are several Destinations available for the backups produced by the profile. Select the appropriate Destination (usually a Veeam Backup Repository), and continue to the final section.

At the Summary screen, verify all Backup Profile information and select “Finish”. This Profile can now be applied to any Company’s Location or Discovery Job.

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