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VSPC – Client Subscription Management

Resellers can manage their Billing and Subscriptions through VSPC. This is not representative of Green Cloud’s Billing, but can be used to generate accurate subscription models based on Veeam usage directly from the backups managed by VSPC. From the Companies screen, select a Company with the checkbox on the left and select “Set Billing” from the top.

Select “Create New…” to create your own Subscription plan.

From the “Create New” screen, give a name to the plan then select “Next”.

Select the Currency to be used for the subscription plan, and the Sales Tax. A per-company discount figure can also be applied here.

At the next screen, enter pricing for each Managed Backup line item…

…then each Cloud Backup line item…

…and finally, each Cloud Replication line item.

Save the Subscription at the Summary screen. It will be applied to the selected Company, and will be available to apply to future companies in the “Set Billing” menu.

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