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DaaS 8 – Assigning Desktops

To create a new desktop assignment, navigate to the Assignments screen and select “New”, then “Get Started” on a new Desktop Assignment.

Assignment Definition

On the first screen, select the Desktop connection type.

  • Dedicated: Persistent VDI desktop experience which is mapped to a single user.
  • Floating: Non-Persistent VDI desktop experience which multiple users can use at different times (i.e. resets after each user session).
  • Session: Non-persistent RDSH published desktop experience shared across multiple users (i.e. terminal services).

Then select the Fixed Attributes for the Assignment.

After selecting Fixed Attributes, update the Flexible Attributes.

  • Select the relevant image,
  • Fill out the Assignment Name,
  • Select the default protocol, and
  • Enter the Assignment capacity.

If necessary, you can also:

  • Select the VM name template,
  • Set the Computer OUs,
  • Configure a script to be run after each desktop is created, and
  • Set the Session Timeout Interval.

Once these settings are finalized, select Next to advance to the User Assignment screen.

User Assignment

Use the search bar to select which users or groups the Assignment will belong to.

If the desired users or groups do not appear, you may need to wait until recent AD changes propagate to the DaaS environment.


Once the users or groups have been selected, select Next, then use the Summary screen to validate the information. If correct, select “Submit”.

The Assignment will now appear on the Assignments page.

Monitor Desktop Creation

From the Monitor Activity screen, you can see the Expanding Assignment action occur for each desktop added to the initial assignment.


Once the “% Completion” for the expansion task reaches 100%, review the Assignment in the Assign screen.

The new Assignment should show its status as Green, with a Capacity of the full requested Capacity.

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