DaaS 8 – Install Windows 10 Horizon View Agent Policy Templates

For ease of distribution, the policy templates are included on the gold images and desktops. They can be located in the folder “C:\gc”

  • Extract the policy templates to the c:\gc folder
  • Copy the following AMDX files to the domain policy definitions central store
    • PCIOP.admx
    • vdm_agent.admx
    • vdm_agent_base.admx
    • vdm_blast.admx
    • vdm_common.admx
    • view_agent_direct_connection.admx
  • Copy the ADML files from the en-US folder to the en-US folder in the domain policy central store.
    • PCIOP.adml
    • vdm_agent.adml
    • vdm_agent_base.adml
    • vdm_blast.adml
    • vdm_common.adml
    • view_agent_direct_connection.adml

NOTE: Please refer to Microsoft for information on Group Policy and managing a central store.

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