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DaaS 8 – Meetings on VMware Horizon DaaS


The user experience on DaaS when using meeting software such as Zoom or MS Teams is poor.

Solution – Zoom

This solution is specific to Zoom.

Zoom offers a specific application for VDI. This application has specific optimizations in place and is designed to work with a plug-in that is installed the remote endpoint. Leveraging the Zoom VDI solution should improve the overall Zoom experience in DaaS.

  1. From the DaaS desktop, download and install the latest Zoom VDI software.
  2. On the local client endpoint, download the Zoom VDI plug-in.

Solution – MS Teams

Enable Real-Time Audio Video (RTAV)

VMware Horizon supports Real-Time Audio Video. The following settings can help if you leverage a meeting application other than Zoom such as MS Teams. You can adjust the settings through the Horizon Group Policy templates and find the optimal settings for your users.

NOTE: It is recommended by VMware to have 4 vCPU on your DaaS desktop if you use RTAV and MS Teams.

GPO Path

Compute Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware View Agent Configuration > View RTAV Configuration > View RTAV Webcam Settings

GPO Settings

  • Max frames per second
  • Default image resolution height in pixels
  • Default image resolution width in pixels
  • Max image height in pixels
  • Max image width in pixels


Additional Recommendations

  1. Ensure your users have enough bandwidth at the remote endpoint.
    • A reliable and stable connection to DaaS is critical to the user experience. This is even more important when using meeting applications from DaaS.
  2. Ensure you have enough overall bandwidth on the DaaS side.
  3. If possible, do not run video in full screen mode
  4. If possible, reduce the number of open applications and browser tabs during the meeting.

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