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DaaS 8 Interface – Inventory Page

The Inventory screens allow administrators to manage and edit the Inventory for the DaaS environment.To access the Inventory screens, select Inventory from the left-hand bar, then select a specific screen:

  • Applications – View and edit the environment’s published Applications
  • Images – View and edit the Images from which the environment’s desktops are cloned
  • Capacity – Mange the overall resource capacity for the environment
  • Imported VMs – View and manage VMs that were imported from another environment (Advanced use only – please contact Green Cloud Support if you need a VM Import)


From the Applications screen, you can see any Applications for remote use that have been configured and published in DaaS.


The Images screen shows the base Image patterns that each pool uses to clone VMs. This is where Images are created or updated for future use.


From the Capacity screen, administrators can view the total resource capacity for the environment. This report can be filtered by Resource Pod, or as a whole for the DaaS installation.

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